Why opsZero?

Move Fast, With Solid Infrastructure

Modern startups need three things: Engineer Productivity, Security, and Reliability. opsZero ensures all three are in place so that you can deliver new features to your customers quickly, ensure that your servers are secure from the start, and your product has high uptime.

Deploy Fast

Engineers need to have a solid pipeline for their code without a lot of manual steps. Are your engineers able hundreds of time a day if they needed?

Secure By Default

Today with security being a primary concern for customers every application whether you are a financial company or not needs to be HIPAA and PCI compliant at a minimum. What is your service's security footprint, are you secure?

Solid Infrastructure

The Cloud makes infrastructure code. It needs to be checked in and version controlled like your code. Is your infrastructure codified and repeatable?

What do we provide?

DevOps as a Service

Cloud Management

Is your team flummoxed by AWS/GCP/Azure? Do you still seem to go down all the time? Freaking out because you have an enterprise deal lined up but don't know how you will handle the SLA? We got you covered.

​Continuous Delivery

Whether you are writing your services in Node, Python, Haskell, Brainf**k, etc. we will make sure that it is delivered quickly from your team to your customers. We won't judge your crazy language choices, we swear.

HIPAA/PCI Compliance

How secure are you? Honestly, do you know? If you haven't noticed all the hacks security is a big deal whether you are a Financial and Healthcare company or not. Are you ready for the next hack? We can help.


Containers revolutionized logistics, not it is time for them to revolutionize your infrastructure. Repeatable, stable, and plain awesome to use. Can you tell we are excited!

​Cost Savings

The Cloud likes to nickel and dime you. While the on-demand aspect of the Cloud is pretty sweet, if you aren't careful you could be spending hundreds to thousands more than you need to be.

Code Migration

Have to use that newest message queue, or want to migrate your service from MongoDB to Postgres. We will take care of those migrations (within limit).

Cloud Migration

Got some of that sweet, sweet Cloud credit? Thinking screw it, we want to change Cloud providers, because why not? We'll make you Cloud agnostic.

Data/ML Pipelines

What to add Machine Learning or analyze all your data? We think you should. It is useful and fun. We can take care of setting up the pipelines and services.

Insourced Team

Want a team that has faced every weird infrastructure bug, a team that has bang their head against the wall for hours until they find a perfect solution so you don't have to, and a team who mingles with yours on Slack? That's us.

Our Partners

Why you shouldn't use us!

We don't do Windows. Sorry! We are primarily a Linux shop, and if your infrastructure is mostly Windows-based, we may not be the best fit. However, we can take care of tasks such as migrating your .NET Core infrastructure to run on Linux.

What do our clients say?


"opsZero has helped Emburse quickly modernize and simplify our existing infrastructure. Our servers costs are lower and our services more stable and secure than before." ​-Peter Lai, CEO, Emburse


"You’re knowledgeable and responsive. I trust our servers are in good hands." ​-Brett Gibson, CTO, Posthaven


"Working with opsZero was painless. After our initial kickoff they were able to run themselves without needing any supervision. We’re really happy with our new infrastructure. From both a security and developer productivity prospective we’re much better off now." -Eric Koslow, CTO, Lattice


"OpsZero over-delivered on what we were expecting :)", Troy Astorino, CTO, PicnicHealth

Our pricing



3 months minimum

Less Than $2k/month in Cloud Spend



3 months minimum

More Than $2k/month in Cloud Spend



Infrastructure on Fire? We'll fix it.

Limited to AWS / Google Cloud

Are you a brand new startup less than a year old on your way to world domination?
Contact us we give some great discounts.

Our team

Abhi Yerra

Abhi Yerra


Abhi has been a coder most of his life and has worked as a Platform and DevOps Engineer at companies like CloudCrowd/Servio, SpeakerText, Lookout, and VSCO. He comes to DevOps from a diverse development background working on complex state machines and pipelines, payment systems handling millions of users, and scalable architectures handling tens of millions of users.

Mike Hoover

Mike Hoover


Michael knows that automated and resilient systems are the key to agility in any business. He has worked for and with over 30 technology startups to architect, build, automate and maintain their operational systems. The constant goal: eradicating barriers between development and operations.

Kyle Barton

Kyle Barton

Code Wizard / Chief Surfer

Kyle Barton has been a Backend Engineer for most of his career. He was the first server-side engineer hired at Lookout helping the company grow from 500 users to over 85 million and as the Lead Engineer at MasterClass successfully launch its product. He enjoys solving challenging problems and improving products that help society.

Our mission

opsZero’s mission is to improve Systems so startups can move fast, reduce waste, and deliver exceptional customer value.