Cloud Infrastructure for Innovators

opsZero enables companies to build and deploy software faster while continuously reducing costs and improving security and compliance.


Technologies We Use

We build and run infrastructure on the Public Cloud using Open Source.


Deploy faster

Infrastructure to Accelerate Innovation

Developer Productivity
As developers ourselves nothing is more frustrating than the inability to smoothly deploy code. Deployment shouldn't be voodoo, your developers should be able to git push and see your code production.
Security & Compliance
Security can't be an afterthought. It has to be the focus of every organization. We set up your infrastructure to follow HIPAA, SOC2, and PCI standards as a minimum standard.
Your infrastructure should grow as your startup grows. We ensure that that can scale from tens of customers to millions!
The Cloud isn't carbon-free, accounting for 2-5% of emissions. Our sustainability focus is to ensure you use the fewest resources while having a performant infrastructure.


Proud Partners in Success

We work with companies as they scale, no project is too small. From startups to SMBs, we are passionate about bringing value to your team. These are some of the companies we've had the pleasure of calling our customers.


Reliable, Scalable, and Compliant

opsZero builds and maintains cloud infrastructure using open source modules, APIs, and optimized machine images to accelerate your product development.

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    Identity management using AWS IAM, AWS ControlTower, and Cloudflare Access. All users are managed through Terraform to ensure access to resources are controlled.

    Identity Setup (AWS) Identity Setup (Github)
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    Infrastructure state exists in a git repository within your Github organization and work lives within that repository using open source modules.

    Workflow Automation
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    Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines are set up for services including dockerization, helm chart creation, and application deployment with Github Actions. To enable developers to move fast, we support preview environments through git branch deployments.

    actions-cloudflare-dns actions-deploytag-cleanup DeployTag Github Security Group (AWS)
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    Through partnership with AWS and Azure, we offer a wide range of products and features that make it easy for organizations to build, deploy, and manage their applications and data in the cloud.

    Infrastructure as Code Panopticon (Datadog)
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    Cloudflare is used for the Edge, including DNS, CDN, and Zero-Trust. Cloudflare’s global free CDN reduces bandwidth costs, and Cloudflare Access is used for VPN and Zero Trust features.

    Domain (Cloudflare) terraform-aws-cloudflare-security-group
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    Instances built with security and performance in mind. Get the best bang for the buck with optimized instances. Monitoring setup with Datadog and CloudCheckr.

    Instance (AWS) Kubespot for AWS Nixtune terraform-aws-elb-cloudwatch
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    Kubernetes is the primary container orchestrator we use to deploy your applications. We have battle-tested it with companies in the Healthcare, Finance, Enterprise, E-commerce, and Space industries.

    Kubespot for Azure Kubespot (Google) Kubespot (Helm) socat Tiphys
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    We implement standardized practices to setup secrets using AWS SSM, AWS SecretsManager, Github Secrets or Hashicorp Vault.

    AWS SSM Hashicorp Vault on AWS EKS
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    Flexible options including Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, AWS DynamoDB, and more are utilized to store your data.

    MongoDB Atlas for AWS RDS Cross Region Backup
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    Amazon S3, Azure Storage and Cloudflare R2 provide high performance scalable storage. Keep everything from applications to backups and recovery data in these secure, distributed object systems.

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    Services like Airflow, AWS Glue, Fivetran, and Hevo provide the pipelines to make data available in a unified format for analysis, reporting and other business intelligence or data integration projects.

    Airflow (Kubernetes) Airflow (Managed)
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    Data Warehouse

    Building Data Warehouses powered by Redshift.

    Data Warehouse (Redshift)
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    Business Intelligence

    From data mining to reporting, OLAP, and data visualization, BI tools provide managers and other stakeholders with the information they need to make better decisions, improve performance, and gain a competitive advantage.

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    AI & ML

    Increasingly becoming a critical aspect of testing an quality assurance process, AI "self-healing" abilities are able to identify and fix defects more quickly and can analyze metrics to predict and prevent issues before they occur. AI powered chatbots allow companies to provide a higher level of customer support without the high cost of human resources.