Seamlessly Migrate to Kubernetes and Serverless

Agility, Security and Reliability

Compliant Kubernetes

Get a Secure, Compliance Oriented Kubernetes Setup using AWS EKS, GCP that allows you to pass your compliance requirements with your customers.

SecureHIPAA / PCI / SOC2Infrastructure as Code
CI/CD Pipelines

Release Faster and Faster. We will setup CI/CD Pipelines for your company so that you can deploy a thousand times a day if you desire with reliability and high uptime.

Feature DeploysDockerizationSecret Management

Migrate your code to AWS Lambda and reduce the cost of your infrastructure significantly and set yourself for the future of Serverless computing.

AWS LambdaCode MigrationNo Infrastructure

Release Faster and Faster

Reduce the Feedback Loop to get your features to your customers faster. We setup Infrastructure and CI/CD Pipelines that allow you to reliably deploy your code to the Cloud while reducing the code of running your infrastructure.

  • Secure and Compliant Kubernetes

    We use Kubernetes as the base for your deployment with our Secure and Compliant Kubernetes Setup. This allows your to have a self-healing infrastructure that can expand and shrink as you need.

  • Feature Deploys, QA Deploys, Prod Deploys

    Ever release software and found the behavior was different on production versus locally? Test your different branches of code independently and have rapid deployments whenever they are QA ready. Deploy smaller changes more frequently for big impact.

  • Serverless Migrations

    Is your codebase too big and you want to make deployments faster? We can breakdown your code into individual pieces that run on AWS Lambda so you can scale up, reduce costs, and reduce the need for infrastructure management.


Check out AuditKube our Compliance and Security Oriented Kubernetes Setup that builds in our partners Foxpass and LogDNA to get you moving.

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Kubernetes Setup$2000 / Cluster

Access Control




Dockerization / CI / CD$2000 / App

CI / CD Pipelines

Staging, Production, Feature Branches



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Serverless Framework

Multi-Cloud Setup

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