Migrating Your Infrastructure to Kubernetes

Developer Productivity, Security, and Scalability


We set you up on a Secure, Compliance Oriented, Kubernetes Setup on AWS, Google Cloud and Azure in your own Cloud.

KubernetesHIPAA / PCI / SOC2Infrastructure as Code
Feature Deploys

Deploy Git Branches as Isolated Environments on Kubernetes and Serverless. Test new features faster, and get code through your QA cycle quickly.

Feature DeploysDockerizationSecret Management
On Premise

We want you to be completely free to modify the stack as you please and not be reliant on us. All of our code is completely open source.

Open SourceNo Lock-InCompliance and Security

Release Faster and Faster

Reduce the feedback loop to release features from idea to production. The Kubernetes setup we provide creates a secure, cost effective environment to deploy and run your infrastructure within your own Cloud. We will setup the security, roles and other considerations to ensure that your environment is locked down but still allows your developers to release fast.

  • Developer Productivity

    Deploy Git Branches into complete QA environments to test new features quickly. Get all the stakeholders involved for every branch being deployed including PMs, Designers and QA to avoid incorrect work. We can work with any CI/CD system.

  • Security and Compliance

    We want Security and Compliance like HIPAA / SOC2 / PIC to be a default minimum standard for every company whether you need it or not. Data security must be a default. While we can't help with the process side, on the technical side we try to ensure complete compliance.

  • Scalability

    Scale your Kubernetes cluster as needed and ensure deploys happen with minimal downtime. Scale up and down your cluster quickly.

Open Source

All our code is completely open source so you can deploy this if you wanted to yourself.

Check Out the Code


opsZero wants organizations to move faster. We are not satisfied with fast enough, we want companies to reduce their feedback loops, increase their velocity, and dominate. A solid infrastructure based on Developer Productivity, Security and Scalability helps acheive that outcome.


"Working with opsZero was painless. After our initial kickoff they were able to run themselves without needing any supervision. We’re really happy with our new infrastructure. From both a security and developer productivity prospective we’re much better off now."

Eric Koslow CTO

"opsZero has helped Emburse quickly modernize and simplify our existing infrastructure. Our servers costs are lower and our services more stable and secure than before."

Peter Lai CEO

"OpsZero over-delivered on what we were expecting :)"

Troy Astorino CTO

"You’re knowledgeable and responsive. I trust our servers are in good hands."

Brett Gibson CTO


Kubernetes Migration
$7500 / Cluster + First Service
$2000 / Additional Services

Infrastructure as Code / Terraform


Access Control via Foxpass

Logging via LogDNA

Secrets Management

CI / CD Pipeline


Serverless App Development and Migration.

How We Work

We like to be upfront about the way we work so that there are no suprises to you.


We create a shared Slack channel where we can work directly with your team. We are reachable and ask questions and provide status updates so you team is in the know.

Project Plan

We use Dropbox Paper to create a project plan of all the tasks that need to be accomplished as well as any impediments that prvent us from accomplishing tasks.


Sprints are scheduled on Tuesday with expected deliverables by the following Monday. This ensure that we are on the same page.

Let's Work Together!