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Kubernetes Infrastructure providing Engineer Productivity, Compliance and Security, and Scalability

Engineer Productivity

Nothing is more frustrating to an engineer than to have something work on their computer but completely break in production. We've been there! Our goal is to mitigate this so your engineers can focus on building features, not pulling their hair with infrastructure issues.


Our bread and butter is setting up stable, secure Kubernetes environments that fit the needs of HIPAA / PCI / SOC2 while ensuring developers can still deploy code quickly. You don't have to compromise speed for security.


Hit traction? Your infrastructure should just scale. We have set up infrastructure for companies like Lattice, Picnichealth, and Counterpart. They have used our infrastructure when they were a couple of people and are still using our infrastructure at venture scale.

Helping Your Startup Move Fast


Does AWS/GCP/Azure flummox your team? Is your IAM untenable? Are you freaking out because you have an enterprise deal lined up but don't know how you will handle the SLA? We got you covered!


Containers revolutionized shipping logistics driving globalization. Containers, the digital kind, are now driving the API Economy. Repeatable builds to accelerate releasing new features and innovations.


Whether you are writing your services in Node, Ruby, Python, Haskell, etc., we will ensure that your code is deployed quickly and reliably. We use CI/CD services such as Github Actions and CircleCI to help accelerate this.


Security and Compliance like HIPAA / SOC2 / PCI need to be a default minimum standard for every company. Data security is a must in the 21st Century. We can aid in setting up the technical processes to achieve compliance.

Cloud Migration

Did you receive a bunch of Cloud credit and want to play Cloud arbitrage? We can help you migrate between different Cloud providers so you can optimize the use of your credits.


  • Emburse
    "opsZero has helped Emburse quickly modernize and simplify our existing infrastructure. Our servers costs are lower and our services more stable and secure than before."
    Peter Lai, CEO, Emburse
  • Picnichealth
    "OpsZero over-delivered on what we were expecting :)"
    Troy Astorino, CTO, Picnichealth
  • Lattice
    "Working with opsZero was painless. After our initial kickoff they were able to run themselves without needing any supervision. We’re really happy with our new infrastructure. From both a security and developer productivity prospective we’re much better off now."
    Eric Koslow CTO, Lattice
  • Posthaven
    "You’re knowledgeable and responsive. I trust our servers are in good hands."
    Brett Gibson CTO, Posthaven


  • Base Includes:
  • Kubernetes
  • AWS/GCP/Azure
  • 1 App Migration
  • CI/CD
  • Secrets Management
  • HIPAA/PCI/SOC2 Compliant
  • Kubernetes Troubleshooting
  • CI/CD
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Kubernetes Upgrades
  • Code Reviews
  • Architecture Advisory


opsZero helps startups build and deploy software faster while ensuring developer productivity, security and compliance, and scalability. We do this by providing an on-prem Kubernetes installation that runs within your AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure account. We set up your infrastructure with HIPAA, PCI, and SOC2 compliance right off the bat. Second, we set up a solid CI/CD pipeline allowing your company to deploy code quickly, allowing faster iteration. And lastly, we set up your infrastructure to scale with your growth from a couple of users to millions, whether you use a monolith or microservices.

Over the lifetime of opsZero, we have set up the infrastructure of many startups valued in the hundreds of millions, including Picnichealth, Lattice, Traction Guest, ScopeAR, BraveCare, and many more. Many were just a couple of people when we worked with them and continued to use our infrastructure through multiple fundraising rounds. Our goal to ensure that your Cloud infrastructure is never your bottleneck for your growth!