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Infrastructure to Accelerate Innovation


Developer Productivity

As developers ourselves nothing is more frustrating than the inability to smoothly deploy code. Deployment shouldn't be voodoo, your developers should be able to git push and see your code production.


Security & Compliance

Security can't be an afterthought. It has to be the focus of every organization. We set up your infrastructure to follow HIPAA, SOC2, and PCI standards as a minimum standard.



Your infrastructure should grow as your startup grows. We ensure that that can scale from tens of customers to millions!



The Cloud isn't carbon-free, accounting for 2-5% of emissions. Our sustainability focus is to ensure you use the fewest resources while having a performant infrastructure.


Over 30 startups since 2016

opsZero works with startups as they scale. We are there with you from the start until you decide you need to hire in-house. We have worked with startups that were just two people until they were worth half a billion dollars.


Reliable, Scalable, and Compliant Cloud Infrastructure

opsZero provides a battle tested modern infrastructure that is reliable, scalable and secure. We handle all aspects of the infrastructure so you can focus on your product.

DevOps as a Service
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    All infrastructure state lives in a git repository within your Github or Gitlab organization. All work lives within that repository using the open source modules.

    Infrastructure as Code AWS Lambda (Python) AWS Lambda (Go) AWS Lambda (Rust)
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    Identity management using AWS IAM, AWS ControlTower, and Cloudflare Access. All users are managed through Terraform to ensure access to resources are controlled.

    MrMgr (AWS) MrMgr (Github)
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    Cloudflare is used for the Edge, including DNS, CDN, and Zero-Trust. Cloudflare’s global free CDN reduces bandwidth costs, and Cloudflare Access is used for VPN and Zero Trust features.

    Domain (Cloudflare)
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    Instances built with security and performance in mind. Get the best bang for the buck with optimized instances.

    Nixtune Instance (AWS)
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    Kubernetes is the primary container orchestrator we use to deploy your applications. We have battle-tested it with companies in the Healthcare, Finance, Enterprise, E-commerce, and Space industries.

    Kubespot (AWS) Kubespot (Google) Kubespot (Azure) Kubespot (Helm)
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    Solid practices to setup secrets using AWS SSM, AWS SecretsManager, Github Secrets or Hashicorp Vault.

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    We set up Datadog so you can monitor your infrastructure. Further, we have systems in place to monitor your infrastructure to find ways to continuously reduce costs.

    Panopticon (Datadog)
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    Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines are set up for your services including dockerization, helm chart creation, and application deployment with Github Actions. Further, to enable your developers to move fast we support preview environments through git branch deployments.

    DeployTag Tiphys
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    We can set up Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, AWS DynamoDB, and more to store your data.

    MongoDB Atlas (AWS)
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    Creating ETL pipelines through multiple ETL providers including Airflow, AWS Glue, Fivetran, Hevo, etc.

    Airflow (Managed) Airflow (Helm)
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    Data Warehouse

    Building Data Warehouses powered by Redshift.


Tools, Data, and Automation

Small tools for big ideas. We build and maintain tools, data, automation and more that help you build products faster.

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