Kubespot for Azure

Azure AKS Configured for SOC2, HIPAA, and PCI

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Open Source

We built Kubespot to be completely open source as we want to make security a prime concern for companies and don't want to limit security to vendor locked in solutions.

Production Loads

Kubespot has been in use in production for nearly half a decade and has supported healthcare startups, finance startups, enterprise startups, and ecommerce startups.

Security Vetted

By setting up Kubespot you don't have to rediscover security best practices and implement them yourself. You can build on a solid foundation.

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What is Kubespot for Azure?

Kubespot is Azure AKS customized to add security postures around SOC2, HIPAA, and PCI compliance. It is distributed as an open source terraform module allowing you to run it within your own Azure account without lock-in. Kubespot has been used at many companies primarily for use within defense and space.

What is included in Kubespot for Azure?

Kubespot is a light wrapper around Azure AKS. The primary changes included in Kubespot are:

  • Locked down with security groups, private subnets and other compliance related requirements.
  • Locked down MariaDB and PostgreSQL
  • Users have a single Load Balancer through which all requests go through to reduce costs.
  • KEDA is used for scaling on event metrics such as queue sizes, user requests, CPU, memory or anything else Keda supports.
  • Instance are lockdown with encryption, and a regular node cycle rate is set.