Follow up, Follow Up, Follow Up

Mar 23, 2023

From the moment a potential customer contacts us, we treat them as a valued customer, regardless of whether they have given us any money. This approach aligns with our primary work principle: Customer First. Our success depends on being the best alternative available to the customer. Given the numerous options at their disposal, it is crucial that we provide exceptional service from the moment they engage with us.

When a prospective customer reaches out, we commit to doing everything possible to help them succeed and to act in their best interest. We earn their business by diligently answering questions, consistently following up to stay top of mind, offering guidance throughout their decision-making process (even if it leads them to choose another provider), and working to build trust. Our business model relies on trust, which must be earned rather than simply granted. To entrust us with something as sensitive as their cloud infrastructure, customers need to know that we are their partners from the very beginning.

We may not always secure a customer, and frankly, we do not aim to convert every prospect. However, by conscientiously sharing our expertise, we also improve ourselves by gaining valuable information to enhance our own capabilities.

Keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. Follow up continuously. Touch base after meetings and a few days later with open-ended questions. Maintain regular communication so the prospect has us top of mind. Simple messages, such as "Just following up to see if you have any additional questions?" can be effective. We should never let more than half a week pass without communication.
  2. If a prospect needs more time, offer assistance with their decision-making process. Much of our work is specialized and carries long-term consequences, so we must find ways to guide potential customers in their decisions. Whether it involves connecting them with our existing clients or conducting research on competitors and comparing pros and cons, we help. This process ultimately benefits us by revealing areas for improvement.

Our high-touch customer service begins the moment a prospect contacts us.