Django Everywhere

Apr 30, 2023

Our goal with Workflows & Automations includes a standardization on Python as our backend language of choice. We wanted to standardize on a common web framework as well. While Flask and FastAPI are the most popular for APIs they tend to have a no-batteries included approach leading to N+1 ways of building software. However, opsZero is building an opinionated stack and this requires standardization and we have chosen Django for our Web Framework.

Our entire business is already reliant on Django as the primary framework so we have extensive experience using it, and absolutely love the built-in templating and ORM with migrations. Lastly, with ASGI a lot of extra features for WebSockets and Events are built into the framework using channels. The built in functionality along with years of Django experience means we can provide Django expertise quickly.

We want to meet our customers needs regardless of the Cloud they are using and with the lowest cost possible so we are making available pre-build templates to use Django in both Serverless as well as Kubernetes environments. We are releasing three templates:

These three templates allow us to deliver value to you faster.