Sales, Marketing, Value Delivery, Value Creation, Finance. Pick Two.

Nov 11, 2022

Any company can only be good at two of these things and should really optimize the efforts on two. As a company can’t do it all and can really only focus its resources on optimizing a few pieces.


  • Coca Cola. Sales, Marketing. They are selling sugar water no new value is being created or delivered.
  • Apple. Marketing and Value Creation. They are heavy on advertising and building new products.
  • Microsoft. Sales and Value Creation. They are selling to enterprises and they make most of their money on sales. Their marketing efforts are largely limited to Xbox it seems.
  • Starbucks. Marketing and Value Delivery. you can buy coffee anywhere. Why buy it at Starbucks other than the idea of the third place.
  • Safeway. Marketing and Value Delivery. They don’t really make their own food per se. they basically act as a distribution.
  • Uber. Marketing and Value Delivery. They haven’t created new value they have found a more efficient delivery method for wanting a taxi.
  • Amazon. Value Delivery and Value Creation. Amazon creates amazing amount of value and delivers it cheaper allowing them economies of scale.