Machine Image


Network Performance Enhanced Linux Images

Network Performance Enhanced Linux images delivering maximum throughput for high performance applications. These images are carefully tuned to deliver top tier performance for a wide range of workloads where network throughput is critical. Whether you're running a high-traffic web server, a data-intensive analytics platform, or a IO bound languages like NodeJS, Go, or Rust, Nixtune has you covered. Our images are designed to be easy to use and deploy, so you can get up and running quickly. Tuning includes:

  1. Reducing memory garbage collection
  2. Increasing the write buffer
  3. Increasing tcp wait times
  4. Increase select backlog
  5. Increasing the socket receive buffer to reduce mallocs
  6. Increasing the socket connection pool size
  7. Reduce time until TCP socket recycle


Use our images directly from the AWS and Azure Cloud Marketplaces


How do I use it from the AWS Marketplace

  1. Launch the product via 1-Click.
  2. Use ssh to login using your EC2 keypair that you setup the instance with.
  3. Sign in using the following username: ubuntu
  4. An example to connect to the instance will be `ssh -i key.private [email protected]`

Additional Notes:

  • All keys are stored within your home directory at /home/ubuntu within the .ssh directory.
  • You are responsible for rotating your ssh keys on a regular basis. To perform this 1. Copy the ssh key into the machine using your old key scp -i sshkey [email protected]:~/.ssh/authorized_keys 2. Now use the new key to login with ssh
  • As the image is provided as is it is up to you to launch the configuration with encryption enabled.
  • root can only be accessed via sudo.