Resilient cloud systems designed to build democracy and trust.

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Migration to the Cloud

Create a successful transformation strategy through clear vision, leadership collaboration and organizational buy-in.

Data Governance

Guided by best practices, we define systems that offer fine-grain control at the individual, group, and public level.

Storage and backup

We develop custom dataflows that enable the lowest cost data storage, processing, and delivery with redundancies that protect from loss of data.

Effective Data Strategies

Understanding the importance of data accessibility, security, compliance, and privacy.

Open Data Collaboration
Earning public trust through accessible, non-bias data that leads to effective, equitable decision-making.
Standards and Compliance
Maintaining government data standards that meet all compliance requirements to protect the privacy and safety of the public.
Internet of Things
Collect data from devices to develop a better understanding of patterns within the built environment.
Leveraging advances like AI and machine learning that empower governments to better serve their citizens and foster sustainable economic growth.

Accelerating digital transformation for public sector.

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