Save up to 50% on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

We use FinOps Principles to reduce your Cloud bills by up to 50%. We do this through three specific actions: bill reduction through reserved instances and group billing, cloud-native architecture changes, and resource optimization. We continuously monitor for Cloud waste and security compliance issues within your infrastructure, helping you reduce your Cloud spend.


How we help you save

Spot Instance Recommender

Runs your workloads based on your usage patterns. It provides bids on spare Amazon EC2 computing capacity, helping you save up to 90% compared to On-Demand prices.

Reserved Instance Purchases

Get discounted rates on EC2, RDS, and Redshift in exchange for a commitment to use a certain amount of computing capacity over a specific period of time.

Database Sizing

Analyzes your database usage patterns and recommends the appropriate instance size to avoid overspending on resources.

Kubernetes Pod Autosizing

Automatically size the limits and requests for your Kubernetes pods so that your are only paying for what you need.

Group Billing

Consolidate your cloud bill into our group account to take advantage of our volume pricing discounts.


What is opsZero FinOps?

opsZero FinOps reduces Cloud bills by up to 50%. We do this by continuously monitor for waste within your infrastructure and helping. We do this through both financial optimizations as well as helping you architect your code with Cloud Native engineering in mind. Our process is:

  • Billing. By setting up group billing and purchasing reserved instances we can generate significant financial discounts on your Cloud bills. By joining our group billing you will get access to CloudCheckr, an industry standard Cloud Cost Monitoring tool. CloudCheckr uncovers financial savings by recommending Reserved Instances to purchase for EC2, RDS, and Redshift allowing you to gain deep discounts.
  • Architecture. We work with you to migrate your infrastructure to take advantage of Cloud Native architectural changes such as using Spot Instances, ARM instances, Fargate, and Autoscaling Groups through opsZero DevOps.
  • Resource Optimization. Lastly, we help you reduce your costs by optimizing the resources you are using. This includes reducing cost of Cloud Storage, optimizing CI/CD pipelines, and scheduling resources.

What is the pricing?

Our billing model for opsZero FinOps is simple. We charge 20% of what we save your through Reserved Instances. For example, if you were spending an average of $10,000/month and we were able to save you $1000/month with Reserved Instances we would simply charge $200/month. If we’re not able to save you anything, you owe nothing!

What is Group Billing?

Think of it like Groupon. By joining our AWS bill, we are able to receive volume discounts from AWS and provide them back to you as savings. Everything you do currently with your AWS account will be the same except for one thing, instead of paying AWS directly, you pay opsZero. opsZero groups together all our customer’s payments and pays AWS a single bill.

I have credits from AWS can I still use Group Billing?

Yes! You will continue to use your credits for the duration of your credit term with AWS and your bill with opsZero will be $0. We can continue to purchase Reserved Instances on your behalf to increase the number of resources you can allocate. Lastly, with access to CloudCheckr for our Group Billing customers, we are able to provide you with compliance audits.