Track Strategy Metrics With KPIs

Track Strategy Metrics With KPIs

It is hard to understand if a business is doing well without metrics. We need to know if a Position or a Procedure is adding value with qualitative as well as quantitative information. There are quite a few data collection tools to choose from, but the problem is that the data is away from actionable insights. Decisions should be simple and straightforward to observe and address.

Our goal is to make Strategy easier to execute, so we are adding the ability to push metric data to your positions and Strategy Procedures. You can create items using an API and post directly to your Position. You can go into a Position, Strategy or Story and start creating KPI metric data.

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KPIs to Track Your Business Metrics

Currently, we support two types of KPIs Charts: TimeSeries and KeyValue. A time-series KPI tracks updates over time that can then be aggregated. Think of it as the number of emails sent per day. A KeyValue can represent an aggregate over time. Think of it as the total number of emails sent or the error rates.

KPIs are useful for ensuring that your processes and people are as effective as possible. Giving a person the data they need to work effectively makes them better at their job. Seeing the KPIs for a process shows you where the bottlenecks are. Tracking OKRs and Sprints through KPIs become more productive because you can start pushing data that lets you see if what you are doing is effective.