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EKS, EFS, Proxy

No-code Robotic Process Automation chrome extension needed an easy way to launch and run Chrome on AWS’s cloud while also ensuring that the customer’s data including history and logins were available whenever they needed. In addition, they wanted their instances to be secure with the goal of being able to upgrade their cluster and nodes with minimal downtime.

The solution opsZero provided was to deploy Helm charts per customer onto their AWS EKS cluster and have an EFS per customer for data storage. This allowed the customer to run their load on an available EC2 instance. Upgrades would happen by restarting the node and the pod would move to another node without any settings loss for the customer.

Customer deployments were generated to run on EKS including a custom pod and EFS mount created through’s Laravel app. This has allowed to run automation for their customers around the clock with virtually no downtime.