Picnichealth - Healthcare Case Study

What is your company and what does it do?
PicnicHealth makes healthcare data useful. We help patients by collecting, organizing, and managing their medical records.
What was the project we worked on for you and why did you need it?
OpsZero deployed Kubernetes to AWS leveraging Kops, migrated our application to run in Docker containers, and simplified and updated our CI/CD pipeline in CircleCI.
Was the proposal of the work we sent at the start of the project close to the work that we ended up delivering?
It was! In fact, OpsZero over-delivered on what we were expecting :) We covered everything in our initial proposal, and Abhi made sure that they fixed a few things we were doing that were annoying, but weren’t covered in the initial proposal.
Was our work disruptive to your team? Did we take enough precautions to ensure you kept moving forward with minimum disruption?
OpsZero made everything extremely easy for us. Abhi and Mike primarily moved things forward remotely, asking us questions only about configuration-specific issues that were blocking for them or when there were decisions that we needed to weigh in on. They were sensitive to other implementation priorities that came up for us, but still made sure to keep their work moving forward. They also made sure to constantly keep their code up to date with what we were doing to make the final transition easier.
Were we knowledgeable in the services that we were delivering?
Absolutely. Abhi and Mike have years of DevOps expertise that made this project run smoothly. Though we were working with new and rapidly changing technologies (Kubernetes, etc), they kept on top everything going on and made sure they were building infrastructure that is production ready today and will continue to perform well with our changing needs.
Were we forthright in out communication? Did we deliver the good news as well as the bad news?
Yes. Abhi always told us when an approach looked like it wasn’t working, and presented us with alternative options. He also of course always told us when things were working or things were finished.
Would you recommend us as a DevOps service provider to other startups?
Absolutely, as long as those startups aren’t our competitors ;) Seriously, though, we already have recommended them, and will continue to do so!