Emburse - Financial Case Study


What does your company do?
Emburse issues corporate cards that enforce expense policies.
What was the project opsZero worked on for you and why did you need it?
Emburse needed to reconfigure its hosting environment to fulfill PCI-compliance requirements and reduce infrastructure costs.
Was the proposal of the work we sent at the start of the project close to the work that we ended up delivering?
opsZero delivered a solution superior to expectations set during the drafting of the proposal.
Was our work disruptive to your team? Did we take enough precautions to ensure you kept moving forward with minimum disruption?
Our infrastructure migration was complete with minimal interruption to our existing services.
Were we knowledgeable in the services that we were delivering?
We trusted opsZero with their vendor recommendations and infrastructure configurations.
Were we forthright in out communication? Did we deliver the good news as well as the bad news?
opsZero set expectations appropriately both regarding cost and implementation timeline.
Would you recommend us as a DevOps service provider to other startups?
We have recommended OpsZero to other businesses.