opsZero is hitting its 5th year, and we are hitting reboot and recommitting to the Cloud. When we started nearly five years, we were in a different world. Kubernetes just came out, Serverless was still relatively new, and the Cloud wasn't as expansive as it is now. Times change, and with the acceleration of the Cloud with Covid-19, businesses are in a Cloud-first world.

Organizations need to be Cloud-first and use the Cloud to create and optimize their businesses. With the proliferation of excellent tools and products like Kubernetes, AWS Lambda, JAMStack, Jupyter Notebooks, and the immense growth in open source in the last few years, the Cloud is expanding further.

opsZero is evolving to expanding into this proliferating Cloud universe. While we will continue providing Kubernetes and Serverless, we are expanding to encompass more of our mission of accelerating the API and AI-gig economy. opsZero is launching a Cloud Marketplace.

The marketplace's first goal is to provide businesses a place to find supported Microservices, Dashboards, Productized Consulting, and MicroSaaS to move faster with the Cloud. Secondly, as the Cloud expands, developers need a way to monetize their products and services. Out platform hopes to connect these two groups.

We will be expanding the marketplace over the next few months. But check out some of the initial products and services already available, such as MakeProspect and YieldPayroll, to get an idea of the type of products and services we will be releasing.

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels