opsZero provides Code, Cloud, and Data products and services that increase business velocity while reducing cost. The world is in a perilous situation with Climate Change, Healthcare, Homelessness, Income Inequality causing havoc. Enabling entrepreneurs to fight these challenges by bringing solutions to market quickly and cheaply is why we exist.

Our goal is to help clean up the mess that humanity has created by enabling entrepreneurs to imagine and create a whole market powered by rapidly evolving new technologies and networks. By enabling businesses to solve problems faster, we hope to help create a Cambrian explosion of ideas that can solve the most significant issues of the 21st century.

Our ultimate vision and end goal by focusing on these problems is to help advance humanity to be a space-faring species while cleaning up the earth and turning it into a park.


The people we want as part of our team have to follow our principles. These principles drive everything we do. Please read them here. However, they can be summaried as:

  • Customer First
  • Hacker
  • Long Term Thinking
  • People, Ideas, Technology. In that Order.
  • Observe, Orient, Decide, Act (OODA)
  • Sheepdog


We measure success by how many companies and entrepreneurs we have helped innovate solutions for Climate Change, Healthcare, and Space. Our goal is to increase the rate of innovation, so the more we can improve this number, the better.