opsZero helps startups build and deploy software faster while ensuring developer productivity, security and compliance, and scalability. We do this by providing an on-prem Kubernetes installation that runs within your AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure account. We set up your infrastructure with HIPAA, PCI, and SOC2 compliance right off the bat. Second, we set up a solid CI/CD pipeline allowing your company to deploy code quickly, allowing faster iteration. And lastly, we set up your infrastructure to scale with your growth from a couple of users to millions, whether you use a monolith or microservices.

Over the lifetime of opsZero, we have set up the infrastructure of many startups valued in the hundreds of millions, including Picnichealth, Lattice, Traction Guest, ScopeAR, BraveCare, and many more. Many were just a couple of people when we worked with them and continued to use our infrastructure through multiple fundraising rounds. Our goal to ensure that your Cloud infrastructure is never your bottleneck for your growth!