dinemeup Online Setup

We take care of putting your restaurant online!

Get Online

The COVID-19 pandemic is here to stay at least for the next two years with a likelihood that businesses will be forced to close their doors. Keep your restaurant open during COVID-19 and make money through online orders. We set you up on UberEats, Grubhub, Postmates, and DoorDash all in one go so you can get customers from every app!

We'll Take Care of It!

Just give us your menu and open times, and we will set you up online. We will work directly with you to get your restaurant online, so you can always reach out.


We know that using these new tools can be confusing, so we are there to help you. We will be there to help when you need us when you are getting started.

Kubernetes Setup

Is your team flummoxed by AWS/GCP/Azure? Do you still seem to go down all the time? Freaking out because you have an enterprise deal lined up but don't know how you will handle the SLA? We got you covered.

Continuous Delivery

Whether you are writing your services in Node, Python, Haskell, Brainf**k, etc. we will make sure that it is delivered quickly from your team to your customers. We won't judge your crazy language choices, we swear.

HIPAA/PCI Compliance

How secure are you? Honestly, do you know? If you haven't noticed all the hacks security is a big deal whether you are a Financial and Healthcare company or not. Are you ready for the next hack? We can help.


Containers revolutionized logistics, not it is time for them to revolutionize your infrastructure. Repeatable, stable, and plain awesome to use. Can you tell we are excited!

Cost Savings

The Cloud likes to nickel and dime you. While the on-demand aspect of the Cloud is pretty sweet, if you aren't careful you could be spending hundreds to thousands more than you need to be.

Code Migration

Have to use that newest message queue, or want to migrate your service from MongoDB to Postgres. We will take care of those migrations (within limit).

Cloud Migration

Got some of that sweet, sweet Cloud credit? Thinking screw it, we want to change Cloud providers, because why not? We'll make you Cloud agnostic.

Data/ML Pipelines

What to add Machine Learning or analyze all your data? We think you should. It is useful and fun. We can take care of setting up the pipelines and services.

Insourced Team

Want a team that has faced every weird infrastructure bug, a team that has bang their head against the wall for hours until they find a perfect solution so you don't have to, and a team who mingles with yours on Slack? That's us.


Let us handle setting up your restaurant online so that you can focus on making the best food possible for your customers!

dinemeup Online Setup